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We have a pretty cool lil mare for sale... she is 15 years old, Registered APHA, 15 hands tall.. loud Overo, she has been all over the place on camp outs, Moutians, rivers, beach, Suzie is BROKE... Neck reins, good stop, tons of Arena work.. Suzie uses a Cribbing collar, we have used her for lessons.. She has been on cows also... Suzie would work for a Beginner under a trainer... call us Anytime to come try her out.. 951-757-9337 Jamey Clawson Wyatt

Adorable Diva Is a APHA Rez World Champ Halter Filly, She has a rich Deep Dark Palomino Color and a Beautiful Toby Pattern. Tinker Belle is also Homozygous Tobaino ... She can NEVER have a solid Baby. She has a Killer Pedigree to go with her looks. Tinker has 6 months of Pro training.. QUIET on trails and will go anywhere you point her. Tinker has a great Stop and pivots.. Is getting her neck reining down and ponies others.. Slow jog, Hauls, ties, Clips, Bathes.

Miss Suzie, is a 15 hand mare that has Eye appeal, She is VERY well trained and loves her jobs.. She has been Camping all over Southern Ca, She is a sweet minded mare loves to be groomed, Clips without a halter, ties, ponies, trailers.. Camps for days.. Suzie knows her leads.. stops, turns on a dime, Loves to eat the cows. Suzie will crib in a pipe stall, With a collar she does not.. This mare will Try to do what ever she is asked.. She has been in posse and drills..

Beautiful Chromed out Grey Gelding for sale.. 15 hands and is a wonderful trail camping.. Booker has been on Miles and miles of trails.. Water, bridges, Mud, rivers, Mountains.. He knows his leads, Great Stop.. Neck reins, Pivots, opens gates, Has been on Cattle.. He is a Nice flat mover, COZY. Booker is a Lov Bug in your pocket, Total Husband horse, Can just get on and go. Anyone can him.. with a group or alone he is great on trails..

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