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                                                                            Colt Timothy Wyatt


Colt was born 1-29-2009, He weighed 7.8 but I thought he was 12!! He was 22 inches.. It was a circus in the Delivery room, We had the whole family in there! Dad Mom Tracy Jess and of course me the Super Star. We had problems while in the delivery, (a long delivery and labor) Colt swallowed muclolem when my water broke, It got in to his lungs. He was not breathing when he came out. Thay took him and started working on getting him to breath. Jess and I just look at one another and cried. We didn't get to see Colt for what seemed like forever. (2 /12 hours while thay got him stable) Before thay brought him back in thay told us we couldnt hold or touch him. The boys gave Colt a blessing.. the whole time he looked right at me as if to say I am ok Mommy) Right after the blessing He had to be taken right to childerns hospital in San Diego. One of the doctor also informed us that 2 specialist doctors that came to see the new maternity wing at Sharps where there by chace and thay are the doctors who stablized colt. But we knew those doctors had a purpose that day.... Jess Colt and Grandpa Tim went to San diego Were Colt Grew Stronger day by day... I think he was the largest baby in there? As for me i got SICK soon after and Went to San diego hospital, After a month of Colt being in ICU, Colt was comming out of the hospital, and I was still in. We kept missing each other. Jess brought Colt home and was Mr. MOM. For a week!! He took the bull by the horns.. He was super Dad! Lets skip to now...8-11-2009 Colt is now 6 months old, Eats like a man, he is a chubby 19 pounds. He loves Grandpa and Grandma.. and Lil Jaime is his fav sleeping buddy. He is the spitting image of his Daddy but has grandpas Big blue eyes. He is always happy like his Mommy, well come on he doesn't look like me I had to get something?..lol His fav book makes farm animal noises, He is 6 months old and never sat on a horse! but he loves to kiss them. I never thought I could love someone so much, Colt was named after my cousin Colt Brett Clawson, who passed at such a young age. (He had cystic fibroucious.) No matter how much pain he had to endure he always smiled and told everyone he will be ok... My Colt has the same attitude. Just happy to be here with us! We want Colt to follow his dreams, We think he is going to be a Rock Star cause he loves music so much. I hope Colt will grow up to be just like his Daddy, Jess is one of a kind, I am so lucky I have such a loving husband, Best friend. You boys are my world. With all our great family and friends to help raise Coltie.. (Grandma, Lil Jaime Grandpa thanks for all the help, we would be lost without you guys!!) Coltie you are so special to us, We will try our best, to make you proud of us. Just remember this is our first time at this!! We might mess up every now and then but just know We lov you and cant get enough of you!

Lov Mommy & Daddy

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