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We have so many nick names for him: Papa, Timmy, TimoTayo, Dr. Clawson, Grandpa. Papa was born were it is very cold "Canada". He is a middle child, That might explain a lot. Walking backwards 5 miles in the snow was a regular thing. And us kids wouldn't have ever be lived him if Grandpa Frank didn't say so! Clawson boys learned how to Dance, Sing, Play an instrument, And had many chores. This was just for the snowed in days... Milking the cow, or bring in the herd in a blizzard. These are just some few fun ones. Papa always tells us great and memorable stories about Grandma Marie and Grandpa Frank. Growing up in a house with all boys and one sister was a bit wild.. Papa Said it wasn't easy but fun. And we still hear other versions from different brothers or cousins of crazy times in the Clawson house growing up.. It's fun to hear them all! Papa has been a jack of many trades, you see when you live on a farm and their are no Doctors or Vets, you learn how to Do it yourself! Grandpa Frank taught dad how to do so.... Castrating a cow or a horse was just a thing you did weekly, Birthing a horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, dog ,cat.. you name it. Stitching up horses when they got injured was a Big one. Cause when you don't have a car and your horse is the main way you get from here to there you take care of them... Breeding Paint horses and breaking them out was not a hobby it was a necessity. So they had the best of the best and were known for that. Papa moved to Cali after he was married, He hated the cold and still says "he would never move back to any cold place ever again"! Ok lets jump forward... Dad has been a Ferrier/ Trainer for wow since he was a kid. So What's that like 40 or 50 years right? There has never been a horse I haven't seen my Dad able to ride or make wonderful. When he rides He ride with heart and passion. He is the MOST patient person in this world... He takes all the time he needs to get it done right! Western/ English, bare back ha ha I have try to sell horses, The woman who call ask about the cowboy in the photo?. I say o yes he come with the horse! That way thay come out and try the horse out! This has been happening my whole life, I had friends who crushed on him, School Teachers. the list goes on.(His Fav is when people call him Harrison Ford) Timmy is easy to get along with, growing up we all looked up to our dad, Esp myself, He has been my hero and best friend threw it all.. Growing up I always said if I don't find someone like my dad to marry I wouldn't get married, (I got lucky!!) He is so smart and he will tell you that himself.. lol Weather it is old facts or today's news.. Tim knows his stuff... But the church doctrine is the coolest. Papa went on a mission to Mesa AZ. He taught the Hopie Indians.. We all now some famous words.. "I hate you all" or woman, or that look.... or the times you look for him and he is driving away with no good bye! No, this is not normal, but it's all we know. Now Papa's Greatest joy is all his grand kids, He has taught The two oldest Tay And Tara all about the tools to make a great horse. Grandpa loves tays back rubs.. he even sits for Tara's Make-overs if she will comb his hair... Austin loves all of Grandpa's tool and going to work with him so he can give him tools. Marie likes to snuggle and give noses. Last Colt hears grandpa's Whistle and cowboy hat from across the room and has a huge smile and waits for the hugs. Growing up we had a phrase "Team Family". Dad you have shown us all Team Family.. We all love you so much, thanks for being the Teacher, The Father, The Doctor, The friend, The Ear, Our Everything. You are the Best! Love your Family

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