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                                                                        Tara Kay Thomas




Tara Kay Thomas The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tara is (Strong). If Tara puts her mind to something so can do it. She is a thinker, Tara can remember things from early childhood. Like wild horse rides T-c and I took her and Tay pies on. We stuck her on many ponies and just said hold on! Tara has been a contender in CJRA finals since she was 4 yrs old and won 6 buckles (1) all-around buckle. Bell is Tara's first horse, Bell took care of Tara at every rodeo and made sure Tara was in the top 5 at all times! Tara did pole & barrels on Mrs Bell. A lot of people don't know this but bell is 37 or so years old! (Bell is retired now) Tara's new lov is Shasta, she is a overo 3yr old out of Tigger and Libby our Haflinger. Grandpa trained her to be a roper and a jumper.. Shasta has a great mind. And boy does she love Tara! Wow what a great team. Tara is a straight A student and even skipped a grade. Tara has never had trouble with telling people what she thinks or feels, and it might sometimes not always be a good thing.. but we lov her for it. When Tara was little we thought she was going to kill all small animals (she would squeeze them) and she loved to cage everything up. But now Tara is a talented dog trainer, she has a dog named Lucy, she only listens to Tara. Tara has many hidden talents. Grandpa lets her practice on him. Hair & make-up. look hard for the hot drag queen.. ha ha sorry dad it had to be done... Tara you are a gifted rider. Not to many can just get on and not just win, but win with Heart. You can do any event you choose weather it is jumping or roping. I cant say that for to many kids your age. Tara you are a beautiful young lady. Don't ever hide in anyone's shadow, And don't ever be afraid to speak your mind. (we know you don't) You are One of a kind! Hold true to that. You will go far with all you have made of yourself thus far. Stay the strong lady we know you are. Make sure you take care of your older sister, She will be your best friend in life. Always be the leader that we know you are, and for heaven sakes can we get one of our straight A students to be a Vet already! We love you & will always be there to back you up. Lov your family & J-pies

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