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Rio Marie Clawson (Aka) Rio The Great



Rio Marie has A special talent and love for her horses. She was riding horses in her mamma Jeans belly. Rio wanted to try her hand at rodeo. So her Taylor and Tara started riding in a rodeo circuit CJRA. Well little did we know her first year,( Mind you this never happens) she would placed in the top ten in 2 events for the year at state finals. (In barleys and poles) After that year Rio has been in the finals every year until she graduated. Rio won 4 saddles, I don't know how many buckles? And also got scholarships for collage. Wow let me breath, Rio now is in the PRCA and on the collage rodeo team.. I think she goes just to see all the hot cowboys! She is Always making fast runs and in the money. Rio couldn't make all this happen own her own she has one of the best trained and best Grandpa Frank Bred horses around.. ZERO! He was born to run, I know Grandpa Frank watches each run you make and is so proud of the team you have become. Rio is also lucky to have the support, driving skills and patients, loading, cooking, saddling of her mother Jean. What would she have done without YOU! Rio has high moral standards and always stands up for what she be lives in. Church and Family are so important in Rio's life. Rio has a beautiful voice and sings at Church, Family and Rodeo events. Rio is in school to become a teacher, She is great with kids and is great student herself. Rio has her eye set on going all the way to the NFR, Trust me it will happen.. Just don't for get the ones who helped ya along the way... I love you Rio, Just hold out for the (Jessie Clone) I know he is out there, don't settle for Anything less than what you deserve. You are a special and unique young lady. Any guy would be so lucky to have you! We lov you.. James & Jess

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