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                                                                              Maya Rochelle Stryker aka " Paris"





The first thing that comes to mind when Maya's name is brought up is Brutally honest. She is not one to hold back!. She'll say o yea, you have a big booger or you look fabulous.. But you never know which one.. She keeps you on your toes...She is always telling it how it is! Maya has never been afraid of any size horse or if I tell her she can do something she has NEVER questioned it.. And she will do it trusting in me. You will never see Maya in a out of style out fit, and it always has to sparkle. She also is the youngest one to have her own cell phone with diamonds on her case! Thus "Paris" was born. Maya is a great joker and again she thinks her jokes are sooo funny.. we just laugh with her. If you are loosing at a rodeo she will say hey I just got 23rd that's stinking good right? Maya always has a huge smile on her face and is willing to help out with most everything.. lol Maya is a straight A student and is not just beautiful on the outside, she has a big heart. Maya has moved to Encinitas and comes on the weekends.. We really do miss her during the week, but look forward to every min we get with her when she is here. Her new boyfriend is Stanley "the horse" (You better stay away from boys for a long time!!) Thay are a great team! Maya is such a gifted rider, she learned her leads and lead changes in 2 lessons!! Maya has learned how to goat tie, rope, barrels and does poles. She is a great English rider, She can post all day long. Maya tells us when she gets rich and famous she is going to take care of us.. and man do we need that!! Maya we love you so much, we are so lucky we have you in our Family. We look forward to what you become.. make sure you follow your dreams cause I know you have BIG ones... Just don't forget about the little people!! And make sure you always take care on your Granny and Papa, Thay would do anything for you! p.s Candice & Jesus thanks for intrusting your most valuable Princess. We will forever be grateful for all you do for us on a daily basis..  We love you guys.. Jess, Jamey Sue & Coltie

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