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  Jessie Austin Wyatt (Sweet-Pea)



Jess is one of a kind, And I am glad he is Mine!  Jess Would walk threw fire for family and friends, So you know why it was so easy to fall in love with him.  Jessie is a perfectionist in all his work. He has a great eye and a natural talent for flooring. When Jess and I got married in 2003, He had animals growing up.. ha ha ha , but he never knew what hit him....
Jess has been a great sport and supportive no matter what crazy plan I come up with!
Jess & I have been married for 6 years  wow.  
We knew of each other in high school, And dated about 7 yrs.. (gee wiz!) Jess didn't know how to ride horses  before we got married. Jess has come so far! He is a Great Team Roper, His first yr out he won a pretty belt buckle and money.
Jess loves getting roping tips and boys night at Micky's and Dave's place. Jess Is still trying to get papa Tim to give him all the secrets in how to: staple,stitch,tube,Castrate,Trim and float teeth.. He is getting pretty good at it if I do say so! He helps Papa and I Start all the wild young horses No one else will touch! ( that still scars me)
Jess is great at so many things, but the coolest thing yet is being a Outstanding Dad! I have never seen a more devoted Father. He hands down gets the Best Dad award.
I was still in the hospital when Colt came home.. He did it all!
Even though Colt looks nothing like me!! (still kind of sucks cause of all the freaking pain and crap I went threw!) Colt is so handsome just like Dad . Colt has one of the best Big Smiles you will ever see just like Dad!
Jess smiles at me and it still melts my heart.
I thank Heavenly Father every day for Jessie and the man he is.. I couldn't have dreamed or wished for a better Knight and Big White horse.. But In my dream the horse is Black.. lol
And I do have to say.. It is great to have married My best friend... and it doesn't hurt that he is hot!
Sweet-Pea I love you, Thanks for all your time and help with all the Kids Roping, Shows, babysitting ect ect.. I couldn't do it without you!
LOVE Mrs. Wyatt

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