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                                                                             Miss Hannah Lynn Braico




Hannah is 15, and one of the most talented young riders I have met, There is nothing Hannah wont get on and take a go at. Hannah is quiet and humble, With a sense of humor that will make you pee your pants. She will never boast about what she has won, She will just beat you when you get there.. LOL I have seen miss Hannah eat dirt get right back up and be even more determined to show that horse who is going to win this time! Hannah will never tell you she needs to eat! She will be unloading the trailer at 2 in the morning and then ask if she can do anything else? She has even passed out trying to get that money picture shot!! You will never hear Miss Hannah complain about how hot or cold it is. She just wants to rope. Miss Hannah is the reason why Jess and I wanted so badly to have a baby girl. Hannah is never scared to try something new. (Heeling/ riding bull calves) She is not only beautiful/Sweet and talented. She also has a 4.0... I am still hoping for vet school? He He.... Watch out boys she is still to young to date and VERY protected. You will have to pass the Jessie and Tim test first. Hannah you are a very special person in our family. We are so impressed to watch you grow and succeed in everything you do. Dream big cause girl you can Move mountains! You can never move or leave us, We lov you to much, Our family trips wouldn't be the same without you!

We lov you Jess, James & Tim

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